22 December 2004

The Blessing by John Trent and Gary Smalley

Non-Fiction. Paperback from Thomas Nelson Publishers. Published in 1993. Purchased at The Mustard Seed in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK.

We don't often just stumble across Christian book shops, so when I saw The Mustard Seed I dragged Steve in. It was a small shop and though they had a decent selection, I have most of the books they had that I might be interested in. But, in an effort to support them I looked around to find something to buy. I settled on this book. It was not a difficult read, at least not in the sense of being hard to understand. It was difficult to think about how a lack of affirmation can unintentionally hurt our loved ones. Included in the book are stories of how different people were affected by the "blessing" (or lack of it); steps to follow in blessing your loved ones; as well as the address of a web site with more support and information about blessing. (The web site has some additional articles you can download, but really seems to be mostly stalled. Even the description of the book on the start up page is wonky. The book summary seems to be of a different book - unless I just completely missed several chapters or something.)

Publisher's summary (not from The Blessing web site):
Our emotional and psychological makeup is such that we all need what the Bible calls "the blessing"--the knowledge that someone in this world loves and accepts us unconditionally. The Blessing teaches the remarkably simple, logical process, touching both inner spirit and physical body, of being a blessing, and how to pass that life-changing blessing on to your parents, spouse, children, and friends.

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