30 January 2005

Kidnapped! by Robert Louis Stevenson

Fiction. Unabridged audiobook from Commuter's Library. Published in 2001. (It first appeared in 1886 as a children's tale published in installments in a boy's adventure magazine called Young Folks.) Purchased through Audible.com. 6 hours and 27 minutes of listening. Narrated by Ralph Cosham.

I got this for Cara to listen to after she was studying Robert Louis Stevenson in literature. I listened to it this week as I was doing my housework and while I was out walking. I really enjoyed listening. The story is enjoyable and there is plenty of history woven into the story, and the narrator did a wonderful job with the British and Scottish accents.

Publisher's summary:
Young David Balfour is the rightful heir but his uncle has other plans. This story recounts Master Balfour's escape on the high seas and his adventures making his way back across Scottish Highlands (The publisher didn't put much into that one did they?)

To buy from audible.com, click here: Kidnapped.

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