07 May 2005

Boudica - Dreaming the Bull by Manda Scott

Historical Fiction. Paperback from Bantam. Published in 2005. Purchased at Methven's in Windsor.

While working on this post I discovered that there is to be a fourth book in this series. I don't know whether it will be the final book or if the series will drag out in Wheel of Time fashion. I suppose it would have been good to know that there was to be atleast one more book. Since I know that Boudica gets killed by the Romans, I've been expecting it to happen in the third book, which I am reading now. The fourth book isn't due out until 2006, so I guess I'll have to wait a bit to see that happen.

Publisher's summary:

Hailed by her people as Boudica, the Bringer of Victory, Breaca now leads the resistance against the occupying legions of Rome. Opposing her is Julius Valerius, an auxiliary cavalry officer whose increasing brutality in the service of his god and emperor cannot shield him from the ghosts of his past. Caught in the middle are two children, pawns in a game of unthinkable savagery.

Continuing her acclaimed retelling of this great tale, Manda Scott has written a novel of uncompromising mastery that captivates the heart and challenges the mind as Boudica and this man who calls himself Julius Valerius confront each other – and their own inescapable destinies…

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