20 September 2006

Addicted to Mediocrity by Franky Schaeffer

Non-Fiction: Social Issues. Paperback from Crossway Books. Published in 1981. 124 pages. Purchased at the Home School Bookstore.

This slim volume is a good introduction to the importance of the arts. I found it very interesting in light of some of the recent online discussion I've seen about whether Christians should spend money on art or not. It is really just a bare scratching of the surface of the topic, and I'd say look for something more indepth if you have already spent time contemplating this issue. As an aside, I found the sentence structure to be a bit difficult to follow at times.

Publisher's summary:
In this provocative book, Franky Schaeffer shows how Christians today have sacrificed the artistic prominence they enjoyed for centuries and settled instead for mediocrity. The evidence for this sad state of affairs abounds. We are flooded with "Christian" doodads, trinkets, tee shirts, bumper stickers, etc., that use God's name as an advertising slogan: "Things Go Better with Jesus", putting the Creator of the universe on the same level as soda pop!

Moreover, Schaeffer writes, "Whenever Christians, and evangelicals in particular, have attempted to 'reach the world' through the media, TV, film, publishing and so on, the thinking public gets the firm idea that, like soup in a bad restaurant, Christians' brains are best left unstirred."

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