08 December 2006

Christian Audio Free Download - December 06

I decided to give you a bit of time before I reminded you about the December free download, since I just barely eeked by on the November one. Hopefully next month I'll get it posted more towards the beginning of the month. This month they're offing a recording of The Pilgrims Progress: For Young Adults by John Bunyan.

John Bunyan was a simple maker and mender of pots and kettles who received very little education. In spite of that, he penned the most successful allegory ever written in the striking bluntness of untutored prose. He lost his first wife and was imprisoned for twelve years for his compelling—but unlicensed—preaching. Nevertheless, his preaching about the gravity of sin, salvation by grace, the cost of discipleship, perseverance, and the glory of eternal life lives on in the signs and symbols of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Embark on a perilous journey with Christian, the lead character, from the City of Destruction to the luminous safe haven of the Celestial City. The journey will encourage you to “set your hope fully on the grace to be given you” amidst the obstacles of life.

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