08 February 2005


The subject of podcasts doesn't really fit in the category of this blog, but in a way it does. I do use my iPod to listen to many audiobooks, and though most podcasts will not be "books" per say, they are still a great way of listening to information and thinking about things while on the move. I'm hoping to find some decent sermons to listen to as well as other devotional type materials. (Maybe even get a podcast of our preacher's weekly sermons up and running sometime in the future.) Even if sermons or devotional materials aren't your thing, you're still likely to find someone podcasting on a subject of interest to you.

If podcasting is unfamiliar to you, here is an article explaining what it is all about: Wikipedia on Podcasting

And, here's a link to Podcast Alley that has a great listing of up and running podcasts:

PodcastAlley.com Feeds

Then finally, if you'd like to set up your own podcast, check out the Podcast about the Podcast.

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reJoyce said...

Check out ktoddstoch@businessthoughts for several interesting articles on podcasting.