16 September 2004

Big Honkin' Zits : A Zits Treasury by Jerry Scott

Fiction. Comic book. Paperback from Andrews McMeel Publishing. Published 2001. Purchased from Forbidden Planet in London, UK.

In the "just for fun" category, this book certainly fits the bill. Even though I've read it a couple of times before, it never fails to make me "LOL". This comic appeals to both myself and my kids. I think it's most likely because I'm busy relating to the parents in the strip while the kids are tuned into Jeremy, their son. Pretty good writing happening to appeal to both parents and kids. One of my favorite comic strips.

Publisher's summary:
Widely lauded by critics, colleagues, and readers, Zits is on the brink of appearing in 1,000 newspapers-the unspoken threshold of the comic strip elite. The strip has been twice honored with the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award as the Best Newspaper Comic Strip, and received the Max and Moritz Award in 2000 for Best International Comic Strip.This second treasury represents a compilation of Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me, Young Man! and Are We an "Us"'. With friends and family, Jeremy ponders life's great philosophical questions, such as, "If the universe is constantly expanding, how come the sky never gets any bigger'" He tackles serious issues too, deciding with his buddy, Hector, to shave his head to support a friend's mom who's battling cancer. Big Honkin' Zits masterfully guides its readers through the real-life joys and heartaches of being a teenager.

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