24 September 2004

High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil by Terry Brooks

Unabridged Fiction. Audiobook from Books on Tape. Published 2004. Downloaded from Audible.com.

This is the second in the series. It's been a good listen - not too long at a little over 13 hours - and has helped keep me distracted for the last several days. As I neared the end of the recording, I realized that Brooks was leaving us with a yet another cliffhanger. I should know better than to read a book from a series when it is just published. I like to wait until the whole series is complete so I can read them all at once rather than having to wait for the next book. I'm not very patient.

Publisher's summary:
The danger is increasing for Grianne Ohmsford, rightful High Druid of Shannara, who has been banished to the harsh world called the Forbidding by a treasonous fellow Druid. Her only hope for rescue is her nephew Pen, but Pen is under siege as well. Both he and his parents are sought by the Druids, who want to make sure that their magic will never help Grianne to return. Yet no one but Grianne is aware that her banishment into the Forbidding allowed the simultaneous transference of a fearsome denizen of the Forbidding back into Grianne's world, an evil creature that can take on any shape, can kill at will, and is only the harbinger of a much greater, devastating invasion.

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