08 September 2004

Legend of the Celtic Stone by Michael Phillips

"An Epic Saga of Scotland and Her People" Part 1. Historical Fiction. Paperback from Bethany House Publishers. Published in 1999. Purchased at Half Price Books in Austin, TX.

While browsing in the Christian books section, the title of this book caught my eye. Even though I had never heard of the author or anything about the book, it was not too hard to decide to buy. When I sat down to read it I was rather surprised to find the book starting in modern day London. Interestingly enough, the author goes back and forth between modern times and different times in history. The forays into the past are presented as the main character thinking/reading about the past. I had a little bit of trouble shifting from a modern story to the historical stuff. The history is however very descriptive and interesting. The book is definitely Christian and is a bit heavy on the preaching at points, which doesn't really quite fit in the story. (Easy preaching might have worked better. It's almost like you can see the author switching into high gear during those parts.)

Publisher's summary:
In Legend of the Celtic Stone, Westminster Abbey is the site of a burglary that sets all of Great Britain astir. Both the IRA and Scottish nationalists are thought to be the culprits but no one has the answer to the puzzling crime.

Andrew Trentham, member of Parliament and one of the nation's most eligible men, is as chagrined by the break-in as anyone, and wary of the winds of nationalism sweeping down from the north. It is difficult for him to focus on national affairs however when his personal life is filled with all the trouble he can handle.

Rebuffed in his proposal of marriage by the woman that he loves and suffering through the lingering pain of a family tragedy, this heir of noble blood is compelled to reexamine his foundations. What Andrew discovers in the process is a link to ancient Caledonia, a highland heritage that will forever change the way he looks at the world. As the ancient legends begin to shed light on Andrew's place in the world, he makes attempts to rekindle the love he has lost. At the same time, a resurgent Scotland rises to reclaim the glory of its storied past.

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