12 November 2004

From the bookshelf: Celtic Daily Prayer

Non-fiction. Hard cover from Northumbria Community. Published in 2000. Purchased at Blackwell's Bookshop in Oxford, UK.

I come from a church tradition that does not use pre-written prayers (or at least has not in the past). So using prayers that were not "composed as I went along" was a new experience for me. It has been good to be able to choose from these prayers at different times of need. They've been especially helpful at times when I am not sure what to pray. I really like this one:

Circle (name), Lord.
Keep comfort near
and discouragement afar.
Keep peace within
and turmoil out.

The book also contains daily readings, which I have not looked at as much as the prayers. They seem like they would be ideal for a daily devotional reading though.

Publisher's summary:
This book combines the "Celtic Daily Prayer" and "Celtic Night Prayer" books, and adds to them fresh material born out of the further development of the Northumbria Community's ways of worship in the intervening years since these books were published. The main part of the book consists of thoughts, prayers and readings for the morning and the evening of every day of the year, as well as liturgies for both normal and special occasions. There is also clear guidance on how and when to use the material in imaginative ways, and on the benefits of utilising the imagery and themes of Celtic Christianity.

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