22 November 2004

Giving up on James Herriot: The Life of a Country Vet by Graham Lord

I'm having an awful time trying to get through the James Herriot biography I borrowed from the library, hence no new books reported here of late.

The biographer has spent a lot of time in the first couple of chapters saying things like this: "we don't know where his father worked. He might have worked at an iron works. Here's what someone else who worked in an iron works during that time says about it." and "Here's someone who went to his school. This person didn't really know him, but here's what they say about the school." and so on. It feels like hopping back and forth rather than staying with one subject. I think it would be easier for me to read if the information was presented with less personal details about the person who gave him information. I have not read a ton of biographies, so I am not sure if this method is a normal thing for a biography or not.

I may give it another try by skipping forward to the sections where there would be first hand information from Herriot. But, with other books waiting to be read, this one may just go back to the library unfinished.

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