07 August 2006

Hart's Hope by Orson Scott Card

Fiction:Fantasy. Unabridged Audio from Blackstone Audio. Published in 1983, recorded 2005. 10 hours, 59 minutes. Read by Stefan Rudnicki and Carrington MacDuffie. Purchased at Audible.com.

I'm not really sure what to say about this book. I'm pretty sure there was a bunch of stuff in there that I didn't really "get". Sometimes at the end of a book, though I've enjoyed it, I have the feeling that there were layers of things under there that I missed. Perhaps reading it rather than listening to it might have helped.

Oh, and this is another case where I question some of the accuracy of the publisher's summary.

Publisher's summary:
Enter the city of Hart's Hope, ruled by gods both powerful and indifferent, riddled with sorcery and revenge. The city was captured by a rebellious lord, Palicrovol, who overthrew the cruel king, Nasilee, hated by his people.

Palicrovol, too, was cruel, as befitted a king. He took the true mantle of kinghood by forcing Asineth, now Queen by her father's death, to marry him, raping her to consummate the marriage. (But he was not cruel enough to rule.) He let her live after her humiliation; live to bear a daughter; live to return from exile and retake the throne of Hart's Hope.

But she, in turn, sent Palicrovol into exile to breed a son who would, in the name of the God, take back the kingdom from its cruel Queen.

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