19 August 2006

How to Win the Culture War by Peter Kreeft

Non-Fiction: Christianity. Paperback from InterVarsity Press. Published in 2002. 120 pages. On loan from the Kent District Library.

Our preacher recommended this author, so I looked at our local library to see what might be available. This is what I turned up. The idea of "winning" the culture war seems a bit odd to me, but I'm interested in how Christians interact with culture, so I thought this book might be a good choice.

There is a very strange "Screwtape-esk" letter tucked in the middle of the book, that tries to mimic C. S. Lewis' method of explaining how Satan works in the world. It didn't work well for me because it just seemed like a Lewis knock off. But, I think I would agree with the two main things Kreeft said in the book - first that the culture war is in fact a spiritual war and secondly that the way it will be "won" is for people who are Christians to actually follow Christ. Hard to argue with that.

Publisher's summary:
The battle lines have been drawn. Many Christians have fallen into the trap of proclaiming "Peace! Peace!" when there is no peace. Hiding their eyes from the pressing issues of the day, they believe that resistance to the prevailing culture is useless. At the same time, other Christians have been too quick to declare war, mistaking battlefield casualties as enemies rather than victims.

In How to Win the Culture War Peter Kreeft issues a rousing call to arms. Christians must understand the true nature of the culture war--a war between the culture of life and the culture of death. Kreeft identifies the real enemies facing the church today and maps out key battlefields. He then issues a strategy for engagement and equips Christians with the weapons needed for a successful campaign.

Above all, Kreeft assures us that the war can be won--in fact, it will be won. For those who hope in Christ, victory is assured, because good triumphs over evil and life conquers death. Love never gives up. Neither must we.

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happytheman said...

I think I read yes and no a few years ago. He was big with buddies of mine that were at Princeton Theology. But it wasn't one I remember much.